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Reseller Technology Finance

Pure Capital removes the financial barriers that paralyse SMBs from investing in your service offering. We provide finance packages for you and your clients, so that when you come to present your offering to clients, their greatest concern is already alleviated. As an IT reseller, you want your clients to be satisfied. You want them to have the best possible technology now and make their IT a pleasure to support in the future. Pure Capital offers a personal service from a team who specialise in IT finance. We work with you to improve your client relationship, to make their technology affordable and improve the specification of the equipment you will support.

What we cover?

Our finance covers your own cloud infrastructure or the needs of your clients; inclusive of hardware, software and services.

The Process

  1. You give your client the right technology recommendation. This includes a Pure Capital financing solution.

  2. Present your client with a solution inclusive of finance. Show them a tax-effective solution that eliminates the up-front price shock.

  3. The IT equipment is paid for in full by Pure Capital and delivered to you in advance of your integration. Your customer is billed in installments directly by Pure Capital Finance.

  4. Upon completion of the term, Pure Capital will provide your customer, through yourself, with new leasing terms or the option to upgrade their technology solution. Alternatively, they may purchase the equipment outright (for the sum agreed).

Pure Capital Finance

  • Get funding fast

  • The equipment acts as security for the loan

  • Free up working capital

  • Get equipment without paying for it upfront

  • Manage your cash flow with fixed instalments

  • You can claim tax deductions

  • Options are available for bad credit

  • Start a new contract with the latest technology at the end of your current contract

Technology Finance

  • Maximum loan:

    Up to 100% of Equipment Value

  • Loan term:

    1 to 7 years

  • Interest rates:

    Starting at 4.09%

  • Time to fund:

    As little as one day

End User Technology Finance

Large technology investments can frighten businesses and cause them to delay upgrades. However, the result of old technology may cost through not only higher maintenance costs but also loss of staff productivity and job satisfaction. After all, you still pay salaries and wages while employees wait for their software to respond.
Funding your technology with convenient monthly repayments matches your technology expenditure with your efficiency improvements.


You reduce the initial cost and get the immediate productivity gains. User Technology Finance

What we cover?

Our finance covers your hardware, software and services.

The Process

1. Select your IT solution(s) through your preferred IT supplier.
2. Fill out the details on the calculator to estimate your monthly repayment.
3. Pure Capital will email confirmation of the quote for your consideration.
4. Simply reply email confirm your acceptance with Pure Capital Finance either via or (02) 8091 3778

Education Technology Finance

Solutions to empower future generations.

To energise the young minds of tomorrow, Pure Capital can provide the education technology solutions you need today. Chances are the equipment that many children use at home brings them right up with the latest computer technology, so what they use at schools needs to keep pace.

Fortunately, Pure Capital Finance is right up with the latest thinking in education technology and IT finance and can provide schools with an IT rental solution to keep you a step ahead.

New schools of thought on education technology.

Pure Capital Finance rental package allows your school to keep up with new technologies as they come available. It’s also a smarter computer finance solution because it allows you to expand your system as your needs grow. Perhaps you need new software for your drama and arts facility? Or a complete IT system to manage the growing database of pupils? But if you purchase such equipment outright, you could be stuck with outdated equipment in the near future.

With Pure Capital Finance, you’ll have the education technology you need, when you need it. You’re also free to deal with your preferred equipment supplier, so you can avoid all the hidden fees and high interest rates of some of the retailer finance options, to save your school money.

"Growing education in Australia"

One of our IT package specialists can visit your school to better understand your needs. Since we are actively involved with many of the IT distributors and importers, chances are we’ll be familiar with the education technology you’re after.

Then, we’ll actively manage the whole process from application to approval, leaving you to remain focused on the needs of your school and the students; which means the specialist in small business finance can help small people as well.

  • We can visit your office or classroom for an obligation free consultation.

  • Pure Capital handles all the paperwork, from application to approval.

  • We negotiate with the supplier of your choice, order the invoice and prepare all the paperwork for your signature.

  • Then, Pure Capital pays the supplier, you take delivery of the equipment, it can be as easy as that.

How does Technology Finance work?

Getting technology equipment on loan or lease can be a short, streamlined way to finance up to 100% of the value of any equipment you need.

It comes in many options including leases, hire purchase, loans and chattel mortgages, for example:

Equipment Loan

A standard equipment loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of the cost of equipment with fixed repayments. The equipment is generally the only security required for the loan.

Finance Leases

A finance lease is a form of a rental agreement because the lessor owns the asset. At the end of the lease you have the option of purchasing the asset (for a residual amount agreed upfront), trading in the asset for new equipment or simply terminating the lease.

There is a risk that at the end of the lease the asset will be worth less than the residual value. One of the advantages of a finance lease is that the lender pays the GST component; this makes your payments lower.

Operating Leases

This type of lease is ideal for equipment such as technology equipment that needs regular replacement. It is similar to a finance lease but the risk of the market value being lower than the residual value is with the lender, not with you.

At the end of the lease period, you simply return the goods to the financier. In this type of lease, the equipment is not listed as an asset on your balance sheet and therefore you cannot claim depreciation. You can, however, claim the lease payments as a tax deduction.

Chattel Mortgage

A “chattel” is a moveable asset (i.e. it’s anything other than real estate). With a chattel mortgage you own the equipment from the beginning of the term of the lease. With a chattel mortgage, only the interest component of the lease payments are tax deductible – but you can also claim a deduction for the depreciation of the asset. In addition, you can claim a credit for the GST component on your BAS statement.



Pure Capital Finance will find a finance deal that's right for you and combine all your sign and storage needs into one easy payment plan


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Let's Talk

Pure Capital is committed to helping meet your asset finance needs. We want to be your trusted business advisor and hope to build a partnership for life. We work hard to ensure that you receive great service and a bespoke package to suit your unique needs and financial requirements.

We offer different loans to suit different situations. Whatever yours is, we’ve got you covered:

  • Fast Approvals

  • No age limit on assets

  • Credit impaired Approvals

  • Low doc finance up to 500k

  • Same day funding

  • Dealer or Private sale

  • Access to over 20 lenders








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